Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Traditional Media Room

Traditional Media Room - Orange County

Lemon Soda Float

Lemon Soda Float

Japanese Garden (San Francisco)

Japanese Garden Asian Landscape San Francisco

Pasta - Beefaroni

This was one of my favorite dishes growing up and now it is my children's. Ground beef, cheese and tomato sauce are baked into a simply delicious casserole.

Traditional Staircase

Traditional Staircase - Burlington

Project Mm (Phoenix)

Project Mm Traditional Powder Room Phoenix

Seafood - Mongo Guisado Mung Bean Soup

This bean soup uses mung beans simmered in chicken broth with prawns and diced pork.

Traditional Porch

Traditional Porch -

Contemporary Wine Cellar

Contemporary Wine Cellar - Vancouver

Traditional Hall

Traditional Hall - Los Angeles

Salad - Carrot Gelatin Salad

Old-fashioned carrot salad made with lemon Jell-O and pineapple. Grandma didn't specify the amount of carrots. You probably can't use too much!

Side Dish - Asian Sugar Snap Pea Appetizer

Whether you start with fresh or frozen sugar snap peas, this recipe bursts with soy sauce and sesame flavor. Serve the snap peas hot as a side dish, or chilled for an Asian-inspired appetizer.

Italian Abstract Painting Decoration Unstretch

Italian Tuscany Reb Poppy Field House Large Modern Abstract 100% Hand Painted Oil Painting On Canvas Wall Art Deco Home Decoration

Snug Harbor (Orange County)

Snug Harbor Contemporary Media Room Orange County

Campari And Soda

Campari And Soda

Gallery Loft (Los Angeles)

Gallery Loft Modern Patio Los Angeles

Unique Wine Cellar Ideas (Salt Lake City)

Unique Wine Cellar Ideas Traditional Wine Cellar Salt Lake City

Desserts - Gobble Up Granola Snacks

This is a quick granola snack recipe that my sister-in-law gave to me one snow day when the kids were home. She told me the kids would eat the batch in a day and she was sure right! I tend to double the recipe so I am not making it every day!

7 Fun Beer Cocktail Recipes

7 Fun Beer Cocktail Recipes

Traditional Wine Cellar

Traditional Wine Cellar - San Francisco

Mediterranean Wine Cellar

Mediterranean Wine Cellar - Portland

Modern Pool

Modern Pool - Austin

Blood Orange Flip

Blood Orange Flip

Traditional Kids

Traditional Kids - Seattle